🚀 Why I moved my blog from static website to Hashnode ?

🚀 Why I moved my blog from static website to Hashnode ?

My previous blog 😅

I started blogging few months ago, and I decided to go for a static website. My criterias were :

  • I want it to be quick and easy (web frontend is not my cup of tea)
  • I want the website to use my own domain (jeremybasso.dev)
  • I want it to look simple but classy
  • I want to be able to write articles in Markdown to perform publication on multiple platforms (Medium, DEV.to, my website).
  • I want it to be free of charges (except my domain name of course)

After some researches, I went for Hugo framework. I selected my "simple but classy" template, and was very happy with it. The frameworks works nicely, but I ended up spending a non negligible time tweaking the code in order to perform small customs changes. I hosted it in Netlify, using free plan.

When I finally set everything up, I could finally start writing. My next painful moment was reposting to other platforms.

Reposting to DEV.to was pretty straight forward, I only had to upload images their own way.

Reposting to Medium was a nightmare, I had to use a translator to get accurate format, code snippets were bugged. By the way, I learned that Medium is not well suited for dev articles because of bad tooling and bad visibility.

In the end, this approach did not work for me. I could not maintain my motivation for some reasons :

  • I could not access analytics on my blog using Netlify's free plan
  • I had no communities features on my blog such as comments or likes
  • I was spending too much time on publishing on 3 platforms, while splitting my audience

But that was before ...

Finding out about Hashnode 🥰

Then I heard about HashNode, and my dream came true.

What I really liked about the platform :

  • This is a dev blogging platform, and the tooling is promising
  • You can use your own domain name (thats pretty awesome)
  • You can have other sections just like an actual website
  • Format for articles is Markdown
  • Dark mode supported by default
  • The community looks very friendly
  • You can get analytics on your site
  • You can custom your website
  • It is completly FREE 😱

That's a lot of good points, so my decision was easily taken : time to enter HashNode community !

I am still a beginner on that platform, but some features are really cool, such as AMAs or Request for articles.

Given the fact that I can use my own domain name while having community feedbacks about my blog, I choose to focus only on HashNode and publish my articles only there.

I am glad to get in here, and I hope you will find my articles interesting !